What is SEO?

''what is seo to search engines

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to the internet marketing strategy used to improve a website’s visibility within search engines. What is search engine optimization? The process of search engine optimization usually involves editing website text and HTML code. If that sounds scary, worry not. What matters most to search […]

This is your brain on dance

''your brain on dance

Oh yeah, dancing is exercise. Sometimes I forget that I’m actually exercising in a dance class because it requires so much of my focus and concentration. But lo and behold, dancing offers countless benefits to our physical fitness. It may come as no surprise that dancing improves conditioning of the […]

SEO Advice | Top 5 Tips

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As you might imagine, there are dozens of strategies and tips for SEO. Based on my experience and research, I’ve put together what I consider the 5 most important tips for the SEO beginner. As with most disciplines, this list also serves as a good refresher of the basics. In […]